I sat cross-legged on my twin bed, fingers quietly tracing the bumps and patterns on my bedspread. Across from me, Ginger picked up a marker and wrote me a message on the dry-erase board I had hung on the wall.

Hi, my name is Kenna, and I just lo-ove Leonardo Alande!

I immediately sprang from my bed and wiped the message off. "Stop it, Ginger! We have to be careful! He's going to be living in my house all semester!"

Ginger laughed and swatted my hand away. "Come on, Kenna. What are best friends for, if not teasing?"

I saw the sparkle in her eyes, and a pang of jealousy hit my stomach. Look at her - beautiful hair, perfect body, full lips, sparkling eyes. Why wouldn't someone like Leonardo go for someone like Ginger? The two would make a flawless couple, what with their incredibly good looks and their charming voices. I was sure it would only be a matter of time before Leonardo would fall head-over-heels for my friend.

"What's wrong, Kenna?" Ginger asked, eyes searching my face.

"I don't know. I'm just...scared, I guess. What if I don't get along well with Leonardo?"

"He's probably going to be hanging out a lot with your brother. And anyways, who wouldn't get along with you, Kenna? I wouldn't worry about it."

Well, yes, Ginger was right. First and foremost, Leonardo would be "hanging out" with Josh. Part of me wondered how long it would be before Leonardo started spending time with Ginger, too.

I was hopeless; there was no other way about it. There was no way that this English guy would ever be interested in me.

I glanced at the clock. "Hey, didn't Jackson say that a group was going to be shopping at the mall in an hour? Do you want to go shopping?"

Grinning, Ginger nodded. "Yeah. Let's bring the boys, too."

Before I could stop her, she bounded out of my room and down the hallway. Bursting into the kitchen, where the boys were grabbing some snacks - probably preparing for an afternoon of video games, more likely than not - she exclaimed, "Hey, we're gonna go shopping! You guys wanna come?"

The End

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