When we reached the Taylor's house I blinked in shock at the white wall being washed clean. "Hey, Mick" Josh called as we got my bag unloaded. Kenna wandered off as a girl wandered down the path. 

Her hair was a vibrant ginger that almost made me taste gingerbread in my mouth. Josh caught me staring and nudged me. "Huh?" I said turning to look at Josh who seemed amused while I could see Kenna looking almost disappointed before welcoming the girl who I now realised was her friend.

Shoot. I had just been caught checking out her friend. The girls went in. "You player" Josh teased as we headed in and down the hallway. I soon discovered the house was a bungalow but very large. 

"I'm not being a player" I laughed as Josh opened a door.

He shook his head at me. "Sure, dude. Flirting with my sister then checking someone else out" he pointed out. I gave a sheepish smile and Josh chuckled. "Ginger is mine by the way. Kenna doesn't know but we've been dating two months"


"Not really" he stretched. "Just being cautious cause if everyone knew then it didn't work out well.."

"Ah, shit would happen" 

Josh flashed me a smile. "Exactly" he said then gestured round the room. "This is your space"

"Thanks" I said looking around at the room. There was a queen sized against the back wall with a side table either side. The walls were cream and the floor paneled wood. There was then a small dresser for my clothes. "Nice"

"I'll leave you to get comfortable" he said and left. 

I wandered over to the bed and flopped back onto it staring at the ceiling for a long while.

The End

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