"You should see some of the worst places in L.A.," Josh commented, as we swerved in and out of other lanes. "I've seen it get up to nine lanes, in some places."

Leonardo's eyes widened a bit. "I'm glad I'm not the one driving," he replied, still seeming to be smiling a bit from the text he caught me reading.

I was sure to slip my phone under my purse so that I could read Ginger's next text in private.

if he told you he's single, he must be interested!

I blushed a little and glanced in the rearview mirror. As far as I could tell, Leonardo's attention was still outside the window. I replied quickly, thumbs flying and face still an obvious cherry red.

he's not interested, ging. no guys ever are.

I ran my fingers along the straps of my purse, sighing. It was true. All the guys at my school were attracted to the popular, pretty girls, whose legs were long and skinny and whose hair was bleached and fake. Running my hand through my hair, I wished again that I had done more than just get a haircut. I should have gotten it colored and permed. There was no way that anyone could find the mop on my head attractive.

Yes, my lack of a boyfriend was my biggest insecurity. The only two people who had ever asked me out were a misogynist science geek and a creepy stalker dude who had only been interested in one thing: my body.

My phone vibrated.

well, maybe he'll be the first legit one that's interested!

I smiled sadly at my friend's naive enthusiasm. She had no idea how undesirable I was. It wasn't just my lack of beauty on the was something I had done once, an action that I wished I could take back. But I couldn't. And the ugliness of my soul had reached my eyes.

no, i don't think so. but that's ok. it'd be awkward to like your foreign exchange student, anyways.

The End

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