The PhotoMature

Josh seemed amused at his sister taking a photo. "That is a great idea actually" I smiled tugging my camera out. "Promised the parents I'd take a few" 

"Uh, yeah. That's what I was doing" Kenna said awkwardly as I stood myself next to her towering over her quite a bit. Josh moved to the otherside as we took the two photos. One on Kenna's iPhone then another on my camera. 

I opened the photo up on my camera and smiled. It was a good photo and I know its vain to say this but I never did take a bad photo since I had left school at sixteen to head up my acting career. "So, how far away do you guys live?" I ask as we reach outside and head to the car park.

"A short drive" Josh shrugged. "We borrowed the car so just dumped you case in the boot"

I nodded and did so when we got to the car. I slid then into the back seat taking the middle one so I could lean forward and get a good view of everything. Its then I saw Kenna texting someone catching the lines from her friend of 'he's so hot!!'

"I'm single to" I informed her feeling cheeky. Kenna squeaked and hid her phone watching me with slightly pink cheeks as I sat back. I saw Josh trying not to burst out laughing as he swerved the car away from the airport.

"How do you feel eating out for lunch?" Josh suggested. "Its either that or grab a takeaway on the way home"

"Can we do a drive through?" I asked smiling seeing Kenna glance at me when I did but look away when she saw me looking back. Josh agreed and we head to a macdonalds where I cheekily ordered a large. "For pete's sake" I laughed when I got it.

"For what sake?" Kenna questioned.

"Pete's" I said but she still look confused and I must admit it was cute. I flashed her a smile and she shot round to sink low in her seat. Instead of laughing I took a sip from my drink as we moved on along the roads with me getting lost with each turn.

L.A was beautiful but also a very big maze in which I did not want to get lost.

The End

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