Kenna TaylorMature


He was standing there, right in front of me, and I found I couldn't catch my breath.

It seemed like one of those really sappy chick-flick moments, where the Prince Charming walks in slow-motion over to his princess, with his eyes all sparkly and his hair all ruffled and his mouth all smiling. Self-consciously, I ran a hand through my short brown hair, thankful that I had let my best friend, Ginger - my only friend - cut it. It looked far better than it had when it was long and scraggly.

And then, he smiled and stretched out his hand. "Leonardo Alande," he said, and his accent made me blush. I mean, come on! What American girl wouldn't fall head-over-heels with a guy who had such a darling accent? People from the UK weren't exactly populous in Los Angeles.

"Josh Taylor," my brother said, sporting that boyish grin that all the ladies loved him for.

Something told me that Josh would be slightly less popular, what with this British kid around.

I kind of gawked up into Leonardo's eyes, all the while wondering how he could have come up with such a Italian-sounding name. Or Spanish. Or Portuguese. Or whatever! And then, Josh cleared his throat a little, making me realize that I had been running away with my thoughts, as usual.

"I'm Kenna," I said, not offering my hand. And then, for a reason I couldn't explain, I added, "Kenna June."

"Well, hello, Kenna June," Leonardo said, shifting his bag to his other shoulder. "It's a pleasure to meet you both. I hope you weren't waiting long for me."

While I blushed again over how cute Leonardo's way of speaking was, Josh answered Leonardo. "No, we weren't. Only a few minutes, actually. I think your plane was a little early."

"Better than late, right?" Leonardo replied, still smiling.

I trailed along after my brother and our new exchange student as they talked amiably. I wondered how Josh could get along so easily with people he hardly even knew. It was a talent that came from my mother. Unfortunately, I had inherited our father's social skills. Which basically meant I had none.

I pulled my iPhone out of my purse. I had promised Ginger that I would send her a picture of Leonardo, as soon as I possibly could. I pretended to text someone as I raised the iPhone and snapped the picture.

Too late, I remembered that my phone wasn't on silent. Leonardo and Josh stopped just as the shutter snapped. Josh looked at me, trying to hide a smile. "Are you taking a picture?"


The End

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