Leonardo AlandeMature

A story between CrystalRose and cassandramorrow

I was woken from my slumber by the irritating voice of the airplanes hostess. My whole body ached from the awkward sleeping position. To my left was a very cuddly honeymoon couple who had been the cause of the earbuds I now removed.

"Oh honey, we're here!" the women said bouncing in her seat. Surprisingly still talking about it. I mean this was a ten hour flight. Irritated by their chatter I turned to look out the window seeing the city below me. I was really in L.A. I swallowed praying that my host family were as nice as I'd been told. I mean they were one of the families who had kids also participating in the theatre program. Twelve kids from around the world and luckily I was staying with another participant.

It cost a chunk of money but my parents believed it was worth it. A great life experience. So here I was on a plane to the United States having battled through two auditions to get here. I lent back in my seat hearing the women to tell us to buckle in. I already was with my slight untrusting attitude of planes.

The descent began and I sat back in my seat closing my eyes. Gosh I felt a little sick. When the bump came I felt a little bit come up into my mouth while a tourist group to the back of the plane cheered that finally we were here. I groaned rubbing my temple. As we pulled in people got up straight away while I just sat waiting for the plane to start to clear out. When there were only a few people here and there I got up.

Taking my bag out of the overhead storage I walked down the plane. I heard some whisper when I got to the passport control and turned to glance at a family. Two girls were there trying to glance over at me without being caught.

I sighed and searched through my bag for my passport. I was far back in the que but at least I wasn't struggling to keep my place. The giggle reached my ears again and I turned my eyes to the girls watching their eyes meet mine. "Need something?" I questioned my yorkshire accent seeming thick among all these chattering people.

The girls gawked. "Um, no" the girl said with her accent slipping in.

"Coming home, huh?" I said pulling my rucksack onto my back now I had found my passport. I watched them nod. "Enjoy it?"

"It rained all the time" the other girl laughed seeming more confident as she twirled her bag strap in her hand. "You here for a holiday?"

"I'm here to study actually in a theatre program" I smiled.

"You're an actor?"

"Well, I hope to be" I said then got dragged away with having to get my passport checked. I glanced back once I was through seeing the girls trying to see me through the crowd. Plenty more fish in the sea, I thought then moved on wandering through the crowd.
Once I had finally got my bag I checked it before moving to departure. I peered over heads since standing at six foot I had that advantage. I saw a boy around my age about my age holding a sign with my name on. So very cliche.

"Are you sure this is his flight?" a girl said next to him. I froze in my approach. Her hair a deep chocolate colour and her eyes a eye catching hazel.

"Yes" the boy said who must have been John. Taking a deep breath I made my way over.

The End

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