Friday the Thirteenth

Friday the Thirteenth  The girl his her glowing hands in her pockets and quickly glanced around the halls of her school to make sure no one had seen her. Most of the students were busy getting books and packing bags as they rushed to get out of the school on a Friday afternoon.

"Hey, Rue, are you going to the party tonight?" Reshira looked behind her and saw that Deyna, a sunny smiling girl, was looking at her with hope evident in her hazel eyes.

"Umm... I dont think so, not this weekend," Reshira replied, trying to let her down gently.

Deyna pouted. "But you're always the life of the party! It's never any fun without you!" Reshira restrained herself from rolling her eyes. She had better things to be doing.

"I'll be there next weekend, don't worry," Reshira told her with an apologetic smile.

Deyna nodded excitedly. "I'm going to hold you to that!" Then she ran off down the hallway in the direction of the front doors of the school. By this time, most of the students had already vacated the school in their rush to begin the weekend. Reshira sighed with frustration. If only they knew just how fragile their wonderful lives were. If only they knew how many people's lives and energies went into keeping balance everywhere.

Reshira glanced down at her glowing hands again. She swore with frustration and quickly ran out of the school with her backpack bumping against her back as she took the steps outside two at a time. 

She ran over to the student parking lot and started the little bug that was her car. Once she was in the safety of the highly tinted windows of her car, she took her hands out of her pockets and rested them on the steering wheel.

She stared at the strangely glowing hands and wondered how much longer she could possibly keep up this charade of being a junior in this high school. Not much longer, her glowing hands seem to tell her.

She took her phone out of her purse and called the agency.

"Happy Burger, how can I help you?"

"Could I get one Zemo meal, please?" Reshira asked.

The man on the other side was silent as he connected her to the agency.

"Reshira, what are you doing? You aren't supposed to call us until we call you!" She figured her boss was going to be mad.

"I'm sorry, Zemo, but I've kind of got a problem over here..."

There was silence on the other end. Then, "I'll send them over." Them he hung up. Reshira leaned back in her seat as breathed a sigh of relief. 

Moments later, a car pulled up into the parking spot beside her. The student cars were all gone by this time. Reshira opened her car door and closed it behind her. She smiled at the two men that got out of the large Range Rover. "How have you been, boys?" she asked with a smile as she held up her hands to show them the problem.

The taller of the two rolled his eyes and went around the car to get his kit from the trunk. The younger and much more handsome of the two grinned at her and winked as he stepped closer to her.

"You are probably the only one that goes through these Gloves this fast, you realize that?" Reshira grinned in response.

"Whatever, Jay, that's not my problem. It's yours." She winked at him as the other man came back around with his kit. He placed the large box on the floor and bet down to open it and get the Gloves from inside. "How's the family, Clint?"

The tall man couldn't help smiling. "Rylla is fine, thanks. And the boys are just a rowdy bunch."

Reshira nodded in understanding. "They'll grow to understand how important you guys are for them. Don't worry." Clint smiled at her and she held up her hands in response. Clint grinned and placed the thin, invisible glove-shaped material on her hands.

"Please don't go through it that fast again," Clint tried to sound reprimanding. But he broke into a grin as he stood straight and took the kit back to the trunk. Then he walked back around to stand beside Jay. "Reshira, there's something we have to tell you." He exchanged a concerned glance with Jay.

Jay took a deep breath. "This mission, at this school. You getting it wasn't a coincidence."

Reshira narrowed her blue eyes as she looked at the two men. What wasn't a coincidence? As far as she was concerned, there was nothing in this mission that had anything to do with her... "What are you talking about?"

Jay shook his head. "You'll see. Soon." Then he and Clint got back into their car.

"And remember," Clint called as the car pulled out of the spot, "nothing that happens tonight is your fault!" Then the car left Reshira all alone in the parking lot. She stared after the Range Rover on confusion for a while.

She turned and got into her bug and pulled out of the parking lot. She drove to a nearby gas station and quickly filled up her car with gas. She went inside and bought a can of soda. When she and back outside, there were two men standing on either side of her car. They were both tall and muscular and wore black suits with tinted glasses. They stood with their backs straight and arms crossed. 

Reshira looked at them with narrowed eyes. "Can I help you men with something?" She was clenching and unclenching the hand that wasn't holding her soda. She room a deep breath and forced herself to remain calm. Who were these men? What were they doing here? Did they know who she was?

"Hello?" she asked, waving her free hand to get their attention. "Anyone there?" Neither man moved. They almost reminded her of the guards everyone heard about at Buckingham Palace.

"I don't think they're going to respond to you. They're wired to never budge, no matter what."

Reshira saw the man walk out from a car to her right. She turned to face him, ready for anything. She could feel her hands warming up and she forced herself to relax. Clint would kill her if she burned through another Glove in a day.

"It's very nice to finally meet you, my dear." the man walking up to her was wearing a midnight blue suit and had his hands in his pockets.

"Who are you?" Reshira demanded. She had left he soda can on the hood of her bug and was now walking toward the man. She didn't like having her back to the goons on either side of her car, but she kept them in her peripheral vision.

"My identity is not nearly as important as yours at the current moment. Agent Katia Reshira."

Reshira's eyes widened in surprise. Who was this man, and how did he know her name? No one knew her real name. Not Zemo, not Jay. Her name had been the one thing she had withheld from the agency. 

"I think you should reconsider trying anything foolish," the man told her. "Unless you want to see a broken little family." The man held up a picture. Reshira stepped closer to see it better and gasped in shock once she saw who was in the photo.

"How do you... Where did you..." For nearly the first time in her life, Reshira was left at a loss for words. How could this man know who she was, let alone find out who her family was? 

The picture was of her mother and father with her little brother outside their large estate. There was no one in the agency that knew who she was related to. Which meant this man wasn't after her through the agency. No, this was something else.

"We'll be in touch," the man said after giving her a few minutes of shocked silence. "I'll have some things I need you to do. And if you don't do them, not only will you be recording these three heads in your mail," he gestured to the picture of her family as he placed it in his front suit pocket, "but Elko's as well."

Reshira stared after him as he got back into his car with the two goons. How could he know about her undercover assignment in the high school to watch Elko, a young teenage boy the agency thought might be responsible for the death of a young teenage girl e had been dating. Reshira watched as the car sped away. Who were these people? And more importantly, what could they possibly want from her? 

She turned around and picked her soda can off the hood of the car and went to open the door. As she opened it, a small note floated out of the door. The goons must have placed it there while she was inside the gas station. She quickly glanced around to make sure no one was watching her before bending to pick up the note. She quickly got into the car and closed and locked the door. She placed the soda can in her cup holder and unfolded the note.

"Your first task is to steal information from your agency. You will need to upload the files under the codename 'Indigo' onto a CD and bring them to a member of my task force that will be waiting for you outside Deyna's house."

Reshira read over the note multiple time to make sure she had read it right. The Indigo Project? That was what she was working for! And why Deyna's house? What did Deyna have to do with this? 

Reshira took a deep breath, crumpled up the note, placed it next to her soda can, and began driving. She stopped at a convenience store along the way and bought a blank CD. Then she continued on her way to the agency.

She stopped a s parked in front of an empty Happy Burger. She turned off the engine to her car and picked up her soda can. She popped it open and took a long sip of the refreshing drink. She then put the can back in her car, locked it, and walked into the Happy Burger. There was no one at the front counter and Reshira headed for the back of the fast food place. She stepped behind one of the tables and pressed the button on the wall. She instantly dropped down a chute that opened up in the ground and went straight down through the tunnel for a while before it finally evened out. She stepped out of the tunnel and into the main office of the agency. 

They would have been alerted by the fact that someone had just come through the chute, but they didn't have any cameras in there so they wouldn't know who had come through. And she had hidden her face from the cameras in the Happy Burger, so she had at least a few minutes before they realized there had been an unscheduled entrance. She quickly ducked behind a pillar as a large man walked by. She kept to the shadows as she made her way toward the central control unit. That was where the computer that held most of the files was located. 

She dashed past cameras and hid in the shadows when people walked by. She knew her way around the interior of the agency pretty well, considering her father had designed it. She stepped past a large Greek statue and hid behind it as two men walked by, talking in rushed whispers.

"You shouldn't have told her that, Clint!" It was Jay's voice. "You knew Zemo didn't want her to know. And I went right along with you and told her everything..."

"Stop fretting so much," Clint responded, his deep voice sounding strange in a whisper. "She needed to know what Zemo was planning. You really wanted her to head into this without knowing the consequences?"

"We didn't tell her the consequences, Clint! We told her nothing! If anything we just confused her..." The rest if what he said was too quiet for Reshira to hear as they walked away.

What was going on? Jay and Clint were two of Zemo's top scientists. It would make sense for him to have told them anything he knew. But if it had to do with her, then why had Zemo left her in the dark? He shook her head to clear her thoughts and headed in the direction of the central control unit again.

She peered inside and saw that only Dahlia was sitting inside. The young teenager was in charge of the large computer because she was linked to it through her powers over technology. She could connect to the computer through her mind and find any file automatically.

Which was why Reshira smiled when she saw her old friend sitting in the control room alone. She quietly opened the door, stopes inside, and clicked the door closed and locked behind her. 

Dahlia didn't seem to notice her entrance as she continued to stare at the screen. The large computer screen was flashing through a hundred images a second and Reshira knew Dahlia was retaining every single one. Reshira stepped up behind Dahlia and positioned herself to be ready in case the girl decided to retaliate. 

"Not a very good idea, R."

Reshira spun around to see a young man standing behind her. He was holding out glowing hands pointed straight at her chest.

Reshira stood straight and held up her hands in surrender. She wouldn't be able to win in a fight against him, and she wasn't going to try.

"Caspian," she tried to keep her voice calm and even. Dahlia hadn't even turned away from her computer screen to see what was going on.

"What are you doing here? Did you set off the security?" Caspian folded his arms over his chest, hands no longer glowing as he realized she was not a threat.

Reshira sighed. "I need your help." Caspian gestured for her to continue. "I'm being blackmailed. I need a CD."

"What kind of CD?" Caspian asked. Reshira was grateful to him for listening to her and not turning her in right away.

"It has to have-"


Reshira and Caspian both turned to see Dahlia holding up a CD lightly between her index and middle finger.

"What is that?" Rashira asked, taking the CD from her. Her eyes widened and she felt for her pocket when she realized the CD was the same one she had bought on the way to the agency. "How did you get it from my pocket?" But Dahlia was done talking and had already gone back to her precious screen as she filtered through everything.

"What's on there?" Caspian asked curiously.

"The Indigo Project."


Reshira nodded. "Thanks for your help, Casp, Dahlia." She turned to leave, but Caspian forced her to turn back around with a firm grip on her arm.

"Who's blackmailing you, R? And why?" His green eyes were full of worry and concern and Reshira felt her heart melt looking at them. Caspian was her blood brother. They had performed the ceremony back when they still lived on Darient. Back when there still was a Darient.

"I'm sorry, Casp, but this is something I have to do on my own," Reshira responded without answering his questions.

He let go of her arm. "I'm nit going to stop you. Mainly because I probably couldn't. But if you need help, you know how to contact me." He tapped his temple with his finger and grinned at her. She smiles in response and nodded. Then she ran out of the room and snuck back out of the agency. 

She checked her watch as she left the Happy Burger and started up her watch. Five-thirty. And she thought she could have had a horror movie marathon with Jay or Caspian like any normal girl on a Friday the Thirteenth.

She shook her head as she drove to the park. She wasn't a normal girl. She, along with Dahlia and Caspian and many others, was a refugee on this planet. They were the only survivors of a giant catastrophe that had occurred on Darient, a planet located out past Pluto, but shielded from human view. Daretians had had immense power. Each one was different. The way Dahlia could read and speak to technology, the way Caspian could shoot light out of his hands and use telekinesis, and the way Reshira could also shoot light from her hands and read and talk to other people's minds. 

Reshira quickly drove to Deyna's house. She spent the ten minute drive gripping the wheel anxiously. She pulled up a few houses down from Deyna's house and looked around. There was only one other car in the entire street. It was parked right across the street from Deyna's house. Reshira pulled forward and got out of her car with the the CD gripped in her hand. She slid the CD in through the open window and the masked man inside slipped her a note. She quickly made her way back to her at and drove forward a few houses to get away from Deyna's house. When she glanced back, the other car was already gone. She unfolded the new note and read it.

"Great job on your first task. Your next job is to go to Zemo's home and kidnap his daughter. Bring her to one of my agents in the park across from his house."

Reshira gasped. Kidnap Zemo's daughter? How was she supposed to accomplish that? She crumpled up the note and tossed it into the cup holder with the first note.

Who did this guy think she was? How was she supposed to get into Zemo's house, let alone kidnap his daughter? She took a deep breath and began driving. She had only been to Zemo's house once. He had invited her when she first came to Earth with Caspian and Dahlia after Darient was destroyed. Zemo had been the first Daretian to arrive on Earth and had helped all the survivors accustom themselves and integrate into the society. He was their leader. Everyone looked up to him. How could she possibly do this to him?

"R, I need to talk to you."

The words echoed in her head. She had linked herself to Caspian's mind before leaving the agency so he could contact her if need be.

"What's the matter?" Reshira asked, pressing on the accelerator to get to Zemo's house as fast as she could.

"I don't know exactly how to tell you this... But Zemo has placed a warrant for your arrest. You're on the human news channels and your picture has been sent to the police." There was a pause and Reshira could tell he was thinking something over. She couldn't read his mind with so much distance between them. "Reshira, what are you doing? What have you gotten yourself into?"

Reshira could hear the concern in his voice. But there was something beneath the concern. Reshira was surprised when she realized what it was. Fear.

"Casp, what is the reason for my warrant?"

He took such a long time to reply that Reshira wondered if their connection had been broken. 

"Murder." The word was a whisper in her mind. Murder?

"Who?" She could tell her voice had reached Caspian as a croaked gasp.

"Jay Tilk."

Reshira had to swerve to miss the car she had nearly run into as he went into the other lane. "What?!"

"There's no body. Zemo is saying you...destroyed it." There was another pause full of suspicion and fear. "R, you didn't...?"

"Of course not! C, Jay was one of my friends!" Reshira went through possible scenarios in her head. Could the people blackmailing her have done it? But why would they, she was doing exactly what they told her to! 

"R..." Caspian trailed off. "Be careful." Then there was silence as he disconnected himself.

Reshira had reached Zemo's house. She looked up at the large two-story house and felt her heart crack. What was she doing here? Why was she doing this?

She turned off the car and got out. She headed for the back of the house and unlocked the back door quietly. She stepped into the dark house and nearly jumped out of her skin as the lights suddenly came on and a loud alarm began beeping. She glanced behind her and saw that the door had slammed shut and locked behind her.


Standing in front of her was none other than Zemo himself. Behind him, cowering behind his right leg, was his five year old daughter, Zuri. 

"What are you doing here?" he demanded. He was still in his suit. He had probably just gotten home. And he sounded angrier than Reshira had ever seen him before.

"I-I..." Reshira took a deep breath. She held her hands behind her back, out of Zemo's vision, and pulled off the glossy Gloves. She could feel her hands begin to heat up with energy. They were ready for a fight. "I'm sorry, Zemo."

Zemo's eyes darkened with concern. "You don't have to do this, R. Let me help you. Tell me what's going on. I can help you if you let me!"

Reshira shook her head. "I'm sorry." She was a blur as she shot forward. She pushed Zemo to the floor with amazing strength. He stared up at her in horror and she stared back with surprise. How had she done that?

She turned to little Zuri, who was staring at her fearfully. "Come on, sweetheart, let's go have some fun, shall we?" Zuri looked past her to where her father was trying to et back to his feet.

"Reshira, please, you can't give her to them. They want to kill her. You don't understand!" Zemo was on his feet and moving toward her.

"No, you don't understand. They have my parents. My little brother." Reshira clenched her hands into fists. "The family you told me died when we first came to Earth." She looked up at him, anguish clear in her blue eyes. "You lied to me. They... We were the royal line, weren't we?" Suddenly, it made sense. Her extra and advanced powers, Zemo's fear of her, why she had been placed at the head of the agency. And why Zemo had hidden the rest of her family away.

"I was trying to protect them, Resh. I didn't mean to hurt you. They didn't want you to know. They wanted you to do what you were born to do. Lead."

Reshira closed her eyes, thinking. Her family didn't want her to know where they were? How could that be? He had left them when she was younger, and then Zemo had told her a few years ago that they were dead. Could it be that they had told him to tell her that they had died? Why would they do that?

As she thought these things over, she stood very still. She watched as Zuri ran over to Zemo. He hugged her close and held her tight as he looked over at Reshira, waiting to see what she would do. She glanced over at them, pain in her eyes.

"Zemo, what am I supposed to do? They have my family."

"You want me to let you destroy my family to save yours?" Zemo stared at her with hard silver eyes. He got to his feet, keeping Zuri behind him. "Take me to them instead. Tell them you couldn't find Zuri."

Reshira stared at him in shock. "You want me to turn you in to them?"

He nodded. "At least I'll have a chance of getting away." He glanced back at Zuri with concern and pain and love evident in his gaze. "She won't even stand a chance."

Reshira nodded. "Hide her. They're waiting in the park across the street." Zemo looked out a window fretfully.

"How did they find out where I live?" He carried Zuri up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

"Who are they?" Reshira asked, following him.

"They're from Krell."

Reshira stood frozen on the stairs. Zemo went on ahead to hide Zuri in her room. When he came back, Reshira made eye contact with him.

"The Krell? The same Krell that destroyed Darient in the war?"

Zemo nodded. "And they hate me for helping the Daretians prosper here on Earth while they've been slowly dying back on Krell."

"They need a new home."

Zemo nodded. "And we're in their way."

Silently, they both walked to the door and headed for the park. As they neared the park, Reshira found herself holding Zemo's hand. It was dark now, and she was scared for Zemo.

Before they reached the park, Reshira stopped and looked at Zemo. "What happened to Jay?" She had just remembered her conversation with Caspian. "Why did you send out the warrant for my arrest?"

"I needed to get you. To let you know what you were getting into with these people." Zemo didn't look at her as he spoke.

"And Jay? What happened to him?"

Zemo wouldn't meet her eyes.

"Zemo, what happened to him?"

Zemo took a deep breath. "He...he's working for the Krell."

Reshira's eyes widened. "Jay's with the Krell? But why? How could he?"

"He's been with them from the start. He was spying on us." Reshira couldn't bring herself to believe what he was saying. Jay had been one of her closest friends since when she first joined the agency. He was human, but he had been so intelligent and inventive that Clint had taken him on as an apprentice.

"But, he...he knew everything. He had access to everything!" Zemo nodded without responding. He must have felt so embarrassed to have allowed something like this to happen right under his nose.

He nodded. "I'm sorry, R. I should have told you and everyone about the threat from the Krell long ago."

Reshira placed a hand on his shoulder. "Don't apologize. You did what you thought was best. That's what I've been doing all day."

They had reached the park by this time. Reshira looked around the dark park looking for one of the goons that would have been sent to pick up Zemo's daughter and give her her next assignment. But there was no goon. Instead, the man in the midnight suit was there himself. And he had Jay with him.

"That's not the family member we asked for," the man said patiently. "But he'll do." He gestured for Jay to get Zemo. Jay glanced from Reshira to Zemo, fear in his eyes. He knew that between the three people, he had just chosen the losing side.

"Now!" Reshira ran forward and grabbed Jay and pushed him to the ground. He hit the ground hard and was knocked unconscious instantly. Zemo had rushed the man and knocked him to the ground.

As Reshira ran over to help him, Zemo assaulted the man with punches to his face. "I gave you an offer of peace, Trimko, and this is how you respond? By placing a spy in my agency and sending my princess to kidnap my daughter? I thought we could work together on this!"

"You were wrong, Brother!"

Reshira took a step back. Brother? How could Zemo be Trimko's brother? Unless...

"You''re a Krell?" Reshira was staring at Zemo in shock.

Zemo stood up and wiped his bloody hands off on his pants and turned to face her. Trimko was lying on the floor in a bloody mess, unconscious.

"Finally figured it out, eh, Princess?" 

Reshira's mind worked overtime as she pieced different pieces of information together. Zemo had hidden away the members of the royal family of Darient, keeping them from ruling. He had formed a group of Daretian super powered soldiers to do whatever he wanted. He had placed her at thee head because she had the strongest powers. And he was a Krell.

"How could you do this to us?" Reshira's voice came out as a croak. "We trusted you!" She held up her hands, ready to shoot him.

But suddenly, she felt something slice through her stomach. Se didn't feel anything at first, but then the pain was overpowering. She looked down to see the spike of a Krellian spear protruding from her stomach. She looked back to see Jay standing there, glee evident in his expression.

"You...too?" she croaked out. She fell to the ground on her side and saw two pairs of boots come closer to her head as her vision blurred.

Before she went, she made contact with Caspian. "Casp, I'm sorry. They're coming. Jay...and Zemo. They're both Krell. I...I couldn't beat them. You have to find my parents. They're the only ones that can save the Daretians now. I'm so sorry. I failed."

As her mind went blank, the last thing she heard was Caspian's response. "Reshira! Reshira! You can't die! can't! I love you!"

And then there was nothing.

The End

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