The black water was ice needles in my skin as my long hair floated away from my face like a veil. White dots were appearing slowly in my vision and I imagined them as the night stars coming to save me. I knew they wasn't, but it was nice to dream.

It was always nice to dream.

I couldn't see through the dark water so I don't know why I had my eyes open. Maybe it was a comfort. A painful comfort at that, but I did not at one point shut my eyes. My fake night was pretty. I admired it as I felt myself losing consciousness.

There was nothing I could do now but look at my water sky for the last time. I could, of course, try and save myself, but it was pointless. I didn't even know which way the surface was anymore. I quite liked it down here in my underwater dreamland, anyway.

My stars were fading quickly now and I panicked. They were leaving me to be on my own.

My train of thought was slowing down.

No oxygen.

I didn't struggle, I just relaxed and let the needles freeze me.

When I saw the moon, I knew it was time to shut my eyes.

The End

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