Accepting a MissionMature

Theodore Dark watched hypnotically as the fire danced upon the logs of wood, his cane was nestled comfortably next to him against the chair and as usual he had a glass of red wine in his hand, but he never drank a sip of it. The man had snow white hair, slicked back revealing his ‘devil’ hair line, cold dark brown eyes and he was incredibly thin for someone who was so obviously tall; which gave him a gangly sort of look. He was an odd looking man, he had handsome features – a bit like an actor – but if you were to see him on the street you wouldn’t try to meet his gaze, Theodore Dark was eccentric, and one could see that a mile away.

“Mr Dark sir, a Miss Quinton has asked to speak with you privately.” The old voice of Mr Dane, an old, thin, and smartly dressed man, spoke from the door of the living room; he had an old English accent, like one would hear from mid-1930.

In reply Theodore simply nodded, he could hear muffled voices from the next room before a pair of heels walked briskly into the room and stopped in front of Theodore. The heels were purple… there was only one person who wore purple high heels.

“What do you want, Melissa.” Theodore spoke briskly as he looked up to see a woman, pretty enough with black hair and brown eyes, staring at him with the long burning look of hatred. Melissa Quinton hated Theodore Dark; she had hated him for years and years

 “We have another mission for you.” Melissa said coldly, flinging a manila folder onto Theodore’s lap. He didn’t make a move to open it, if Melissa really wanted the mission to be done then she had the time to tell him.

“It’s a group of mutants living together,” Melissa sighed in frustration as Theodore’s face remained apathetic and blank, “ There’s five of them… maybe more, the ones that we have confirmed are Nat Wilson, 17, can control fire, Mike Wilson, 17, a vampire that can control fire as well and Cassidy Walsh, 18 maybe older, half vampire and werewolf.”

Even Theodore had to admit that, that was a lot of mutants living together, it made him wonder what could make them congregate to one place. Were they planning an uprising of mutants?

“Have they killed anyone?” Theodore asked as he opened the folder and looked at the pictures of the Nat, Mike and Cassidy. They all looked so young, just children…

“Maybe… well, not yet anyway, but you know they will, in time they’ll get so absorbed with their power that they start thinking themselves as gods and then they’ll go on a rampage. We need to either capture them first before that happens, or kill them.” Melissa pointedly explained, shifting from one foot to the other and leaning her hands on her hips.

Theodore sat silently for a moment, they were just children so maybe they could be trained to better control their powers, but Theodore also knew that a lot of mutants were already starting to get too absorbed in their powers by the time they were teenagers. Perhaps this group of kids were already too far gone…

“Fine, but I want a considerable pay rise if I have to kill them.” Theodore finally answered, before sitting back against his chair again and thus ending the conversation, earning Melissa to roll her eyes at him before she walked out of the lounge and out of the mansion. 

The End

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