Mike and me, I'm CassidyMature

Staring out of the window, I felt depressed. It was so dull, rainy and overcast. Mike had gone out, no one knows where. I sighed. I was never this depressed. There was always something to do. Always.

Then I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was someone coming in at the gate. I turned to focus on whatever or whoever it was, ready to run and sound the alarm. I untensed myself as I realised it was only Mike. And someone else.

I bounded down the stairs, through the door and threw my arms around Mike's neck.

'Well someone's enthusiastic!' he laughed.

'Yeah, sorry. I'm totally bored. So who's the friend?' I smiled back.

'Nat, my brother.'

'Thought you were an only child.'

'No. Just don't like talking about him to you guys.'

I hissed playfully.

'So, come inside. Meet the others.'

I lead Mike and Nat into the sitting room. I whistled a call and everyone in the house whizzed down and seated themsleves on the various sofas. Mike and Nat sat on the settee in frot of the fire and I occupied the little chair with my knees up at my chin.

'This is Nat, people. Nat, Daphne, Ethan, Delilah. Then there's Mike and me. I'm Cassidy.' Everyone waved.

'Is Nat staying?' asked Daphne.

Yeah, you happy about that?' Mike teased. Daphne smiled and smile that lit up her pale face, her blue eyes a gleam. She growled at him.

'Okay that's all I wanted. Go back to whatever you were doing.' I said and everyone was gone, accept Daphne, Mike, Nat and I.

'What are you doing Daphne?' I asked


'You just want to stay here 'cuz Nat's here, don't you?' I teased.

She shook her blonde head until her dainty curls flew everywhere, before disappearing upstairs.

'I'll leave you two to talk? Oh, and welcome, Nat.' and I walked away. I went to find Delilah about some extra training.

The End

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