Author: Mephistopheles
Name: Theodore Dark 
Age: 23 
Race: Human (with abnormal strength, agility and intellect) 

Appearance: White hair, usually slicked back, dark brown eyes and sickly pale skin. 6'5, slender, defined cheekbones, gaunt around the face (looks malnourished.) Usually wears clothes in black, dark red and dark purple. Always has a cane with him, but he doesn't need it. 

Personality: Likes to impress people with his intellect by boasting or just being generally smarter than everyone else. Arrogant, egotistical and self-centered. But angers quickly, especially when seeing a man hit a woman. He hates that stuff. Bisexual with a preference for men. 

History: Was once one of the leading actors in England when he was 20, but shortly after gaining an award for a film he had done Theodore Dark started to become a recluse. He faked his own death two months later and has now been living in a small rundown house for nearly 3 years.

The End

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