Lacey (Artemisian)

Author: Artemisian

Name: Lacey Anderson

Age: 17 (looks a bit older than 15)

Race: Basilisk / vampire (basilisk based on emerald tree boa)

Appearance: Dark green hair that's often mistaken as black. Greeny brown eyes - more brown than green. About 5'6" tall. Skinny but very strong. Skin is a very pale green and is made up of scales. Doesn't really care what she wears. Long teeth.

Personality: Kind, loving, sweet. Hates keeping secrets but will never spread one. Loves climbing. Always preferred the night, even before becoming a vampire. Usually has her eyelash viper, Lila - pronounced    L-e-la - with her. Can understand and talk to snakes, as well as control them. Cannot turn into a basilisk since becoming a vampire.
Very strong, good climber. Uses infrared to see in the dark. Needs human blood to survive though not as much as other vampires due to a slow metabolism.

History: Went to school with Nat and Mike. Was Nat's best friend and also good friends with Mike. Spent nearly all her time with Nat until he went to prison when they were 13. She used to visit him but the visits became less frequent until they stopped altogether. This is because she'd become even better friends with Mike. They'd started going out and she felt guilty because she knew Nat loved her. Ended it with Mike when he moved away to live with his adopted parents.

The End

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