Cassidy (Nyxie)

Author: Nyxie

Name: Cassidy Walsh

Age: 46 (looks 18)

Race: Vampire-Werewolf

Appearance: Long, wavy, auburn hair. Emerald eyes. Pale skin. Red lips. Quirky, fashionable style. Often wears knee-height boots.

Personality: Sweet, flirty. Very sexy. Good with people but has a hot temper. Knows what she's doing. Very confident but acts shy to new people. No one knows the real her. Very strong. Very good actor.

History: Mum was a werewolf and dad was a vampire. She killed them both by accident. She's the Alpha female of the pack-coven. The coven is mixed between vampires and werewolves. There are only five but they are planning on growing

The End

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