Name: Oriel Kenit
Age: 17
Race: Human
Appearance: 6' 2''

Personality: Friendly, Heedless at times, doesn't share secrets or problems. He is sneaky and enjoys playing tricks which is a good match for his power. Nervous around girls and hates accepting help, and receiving criticism.

History: Always an imaginative child, Oriel discovered that he could create images and illusions. However that's all he can create the rest is up to how smooth he can talk, how well he can keep a straight face, and how well he can stab his unknowing opponent in the back when the time comes. As part of creating illusions he can also influence thoughts, actions, and emotions. His parents and brother were caught in the crossfire of a gang war that broke out in the middle of town. By using his power Oriel was able to convince the gang members that he wasn't a threat and to let him go. He lives on the street, refusing to accept the "help" of an orphanage or institute. He still acts like a normal child and goes to school not letting any of his friends know about the darker part of his life.

The End

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