Andre (Chimerakiller2)


Name Andre Caze


Race Human with abilities(powers)

Appearance: Stands at five foot nine, dirty blond air reaching just above his peculiar orange eyes is spiked in some places. He has a definitive muscle tone

Personality Cocky, proud, and protective. Is good at evaluating a situation and making the best of the sitiation. Has little respect for those who look down on them. Isn't the most friendly but is a good loyal freind.

History: ever since he could remember he was able to feel peoples presences and see track people by following faint traces of their presence. As he grew up the ability began to weaken and he assumed everyone had the ability to sense people. As he grew up he was always noted to have above average athletism nothing to amazing but he quick and strong. When he turned fifteen a group of vampires attakcked his house is when his powers emerged. Has the ability to sense people presence and manipulate the air around him as well as energy. Since then he has secretly protected his friends and family with his abilities.

The End

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