Alessia (Nyxie)

Author: Nyxie

Name: Alessia Davies

Age: 13

Race: Ghost

Appearance: Long, mouse-blonde, slightly messy hair. Deep pools - eyes. Pale skin. Slightly messy, rumpled clothes. Small slender hands. A slightly reflective, see-through look.

Personality: Shy, sweet. Quiet. She'll only talk if someone she knows is there. Her nephew is with her now and is very dear to her. Likes wearing pretty things. Still has the mind of a her thirteen year self old but has changed a lot. She is slightly more grown up and thinks a lot more. She paces herself more, thinks thing through. Often comtemplates life and goes off to her own thoughts. She likes being be herself. Wishes she was human again but knows it's not possible. She's more sensible now that she's realized death is real and can happen to anyone.

History: She fell off her horse while riding in the countryside. No one was with her and she fell into the stream, caught on a branch. Her clothes were torn. The image of herself there when her spirit left her still haunts her. Her brother died a few years later. He was very dear to her. Her nephew was out in the mountains and he came across her. Now he looks after her.

The End

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