Jenny (izewizzyfizzy)

author: izewizzyfizzy

name: Jenny Katter

age: 15

race: half dark half light angel if thats possible :)

appearance: brownish hair, hazel eyes, human body, odd sized thumbs to tell she's dark and light depending.

personality: kind,evil,shy,proud,boastful,secretive,happy,angry,temper triggered quite easily, otherwise happy, sadness does not exist to her

history: her father is dark and mother light, they met during a war, her father is turning to the light, her mother was born with shape shifting powers, jenny can turn into a limited amount of things, her father was born with one arm, jenny had a heart attack and rushed to hospital and when she awoke she was double jointed all down her right arm which was the arm her father didn't have, he now has a robotic fake arm

The End

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