Mike (Artemisian)

Author: Artemisian

Name: Mike Wilson

Age: 17 (looks 16)

Race: Phoenix/Vampire

Appearance: Dark red hair, darker than Nat's. Almost black eyes. Pale skin. Neat clothes. Hardly ever bruises. Lots of scars from fights, mainly defending Nat.

Personality: Flirty, slightly twisted. Loves fighting. Pretend to not really like Nat very much. Keeps lots of secrets, lies about his past. Sometimes seen as evil, likes to kill people and doesn't feel remorse or sadness.
Can control the element of fire. Cannot transform into a Phoenix since he became a vampire.
Extra strength. Can see really well in the dark. Needs human blood to survive. Doesn't need to breathe and so can stay underwater for long periods of time.

History: At school, he defended his brother from bullies until Nat went to prison at 13. With no parents, Mike went to an orphanage for a year until he was adopted by some nice people, but everything went downhill from there. Joined the local gang. Got into drugs and alcohol. One day, after he'd been with his adopted parents for a year, he was walking home down a dark alley and was attacked by a pair of vampires. They left him bleeding to death but they'd left some venom in the wounds. He became a vampire age 15. After a while, he gave in to the temptations and drained his 'parents'. He set alight to the house to cover his tracks. For 2 years, he made his way across the country until he made his way back to his home town. [Then we start the story]

The End

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