Free-For-All Collab (Bios)

Author: Artemisian

Name: Nat Wilson

Age: 17

Race: Phoenix (the bird in human form)

Appearance: Dark red hair that just sticks out however it wants to. Deep red eyes. Tanned skin. Scruffy clothes that tend to have holes in. Bruises from being beaten up by the other inmates.

Personality: Aggressive, spiteful, hateful but sweet and kind on the inside. The time in prison sort of twisted him. Likes arguing with people, but doesn't really like physical violence. Hates his brother, Mike, even though they used to be really close.
Can control the element of fire and transform into a large, red bird (Phoenix) at will.

History: Went to prison when he was 13 because he was accused for burning down his own house (arson). In the fire, both his parents died. He'd been imprisoned for 4 years. Before he went to prison, he was always teased at school about his eyes and hair.

The End

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