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The last ten minutes of the day.  I've been listening to the same song all day and I may get sick of it as soon as I get home.  Stupid earworms.  That's my new word of last year.

There's so many things to write about, but nothing is gelling.  I want to write bits and pieces and parts, but it's not coherent.  I'm all over the place.  Can't focus.



I have another tablet to include in my technogeek collection, this one's an android.  It takes wi-fi and it's a hotspot.  

I can do a lot of things with it, but mostly have been looking at tumblr where I have a new blog under maulkin.  Come by and check it out.  Or follow me.

There won't be much there, as I'm not posting a lot of things. Once a week (Sunday) I will post something.


I wrote a story about a pool shark, and I actually did some research.  I talked with a real pool player that I knew who told me some terms that were used.  He explained how to make certain shots.  I plan on using this knowledge with another character, possibly one that I play (Azure?  Luther?  Radar?)  

I haven't played much because my time and energy has been caught up writing and meeting someone very interesting.  In between writing I've been trying to catch up on Downton Abbey, read, and figure out what to do with my collapsed bookcase.

Well, first, I'm going to get a new bookcase.

No, first, I need to pack away the books and then get a new bookcase.


One minute left before I can leave.  Need to pack up.  

"You're always scratching after the 8-ball/no one knows the reason why...You got bad, bad luck."

Love repeat feature on my iPhone.


The End

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