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My cat does not meow.  She "acks" like Calvin and Hobbs.  Yet she purrs constantly, both on the inhale (a low pitch) and the exhale (higher).  She climbs into my arms and treads on my arm, not caring if her claws stick me, but she's happy, contented, and proud to be my mommy.

Don't you realize that every cat has a human?

When I was practicing my presentation, I had all three cats with me.  Trixie curled up near me and listened.  Max paid attention by running around trying to get my attention.  Tom just slept.  It was very much like working with adults.


They caught that I said "I hate people" and I do.  I had to backpedal and say, "I hate socializing because I'm an introvert, and it takes a lot of effort for me to get up in front of people if I don't have the tools handy."  Basically, if I don't know what I'm talking about or don't believe in what I'm talking about, it shows.  It shows a lot.

I like being given the work to do so I can plow through it, and given enough trust that what I do or will do will be accepted.  I hate when people redo my work.

Well, it happens because people need to keep busy, doncha know.


The End

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