Just before lunch.  Am at home, and was planning on doing some practicing for my job, but ended up not happening because the boss has something new for us in mind.  

Am reading Writing the Paranormal Novel by Steven Harper, and it's very interesting.  Right now reading about creating worlds.  What an interesting thing to do, to create a world.  I always create worlds, both for Grimaulkin and Realms of North Hampshire - but in any novel that you read, aren't you creating a world in your head?  Even if it's urban fantasy, the Harry Dresden books, you can take modern day Chicago and add a wizard to it - and this whole big underworld of Chicago.

I tried to create that whole big underworld in Providence using Vampire: The Masquerade and having the Giovanni be in charge of Providence, with an ex-Sabbat Gangrel coming back to Providence, seeing what the Giovanni have done to it and makes attempts to change it.  This is old World of Darkness, not new.

The Gangrel would probably die, but that's another story.


Snow again, but not as  bad as it had been predicted.  It's starting to rain, then it will turn to ice, and things will get mighty interesting tonight.  

Plans: might do some more writing prompts, reading, eating.  Gaming for lunch where it's warm.

Already had lunch, but will wait until 2 pm to have 2nd lunch.  lol


The End

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