Ten minMature


How much writing can a person do?  How much is expected?  How many words can you string together and consider it something worth while?  

Where do you get your ideas?

Why do people look at me strangely when I say, "I'm a writer...no (laugh) I'm not published."  Does that mean I've failed?

Does it mean that I've failed when I can't get a story out, or the story is so short that it's too short to be a short story and too long to be flash fiction?  

Does it mean that I've failed when I don't win a contest and I'm jealous because I thought my story was better than the winner's?  (Who's the winner fucking on the editorial staff, anyway?)

I should count the words I write, along with the pace I keep, when I walk from place to place with the pedometer strapped to my hip.  A word counter should be on my wrist, counting every five characters as a "word".  Including emails.  Including trying to get my point across.


Thinking of going back and going over the King's Champion story again.  Also want to say "I told you so" to someone here.  How do you think everyone feels when you don't respond to their emails or IM's?  And now you're not being responded to.  You know that they're trying to make your life difficult, right?

When will you move on so I can take your spot?


Did not write anything in my paper journal.  Very depressed that I didn't.  I think I wrote a total of four pages for the whole month.  I wanted to write more.  I wanted to write about my characters, maybe write stories, or write about my life, my thoughts of the movie I'm watching, the booze I'm drinking, the stuff going on in game and outside of it.

My kid doesn't talk to me.  He calls his facebook wife "babe" which drives me crazy (NOBODY calls me "babe").  He skypes her all the time.  He professes he loves her.  He doesn't have a clue.  

No clue at all.

I'm not writing about that, how I feel about that, how he's starting to pull away from me and how I'm not sure what to do.  It comes with the territory, doesn't it?  At this age (16 going on 14 due to his disability) don't they do that?  Don't they push the envelope and try and leave?

At least he comes home at night.


The End

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