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So the holidays are over and it's time to buckle down and do some writing every day.  800 words is not that hard, not really.  Ten minutes of writing about nothing in particular is not that hard, either.

But writing three pages in a journal?  Now I'm asking for trouble.

Three pages in a journal takes me two hours.  That two hours is way too long for me, especially when most of my escape time is RPing in the game.  I need to write backstories for my characters in the game, and to bring them together (Oh, that reminds me, Grim and Kelvin).

I try to write one page in my journal and even that is difficult.  Because all I really want to do is write on the computer.  It's faster.  but I don't hear the crinkle of paper after I'm done.  And I really like the sound of crinkled paper.


Rebooting North Hampshire which I had first written when I was in college.  I'm changing one of the characters to be gay (Cassius), keeping the main character female (I need to come up with a good "savior" name for her), and going back to the original story that I wrote before I got stuck on Luther.


Things are quiet in general, and I'm running out of ideas.  Going to grab some ideas from some books and try stories from there.  I'm supposed to be looking through some grammar stuff here at work, but I'm bored to tears looking at that.  I want to step in my own imagination and stay there, or go home and mindlessly game for a few hours...or lay down on the couch and take a nap.  Work does not appeal to me today.


Awaiting for the end of the day and going to go to the mall and check some post xmas sales.  Need to buy new headphones in case my son loses his, and tempted to go book shopping. Staples has a sale - should I go there?  Should I clean out their notebooks and pens?

Tomorrow.  Going to go tomorrow when I have the Staples app and my phone.


The End

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