I keep waffling.  That word describes it accurately.  

I go from story to story to story, my ADD kicking in at each one.  I'm not sure what to work on, if anything.  Or maybe I'm working on too much.

I purchased some new journals that were on clearance at Staples.  the journals I bought from the warehouse club are cheap, and I can't see the lines in the light (or in the twilight) so I don't know what I'm writing.

Speaking of that, I'm spending most of my creativity and writing in the game, or with the game, or about the game, Champions Online.  I can't seem to concentrate on anything.  Is there too much going on?  Do I have too many stories?

I'm tempted to take the Aries story and start it from scratch, to start it the way a romance written for women goes.  Most male romances that I've read are different.  They get to know the guy AFTER they have sex.  Or they have sex once and then something happens to split them apart.

That's what Aries needs to have happen.  Plotto (choosing a page randomly) said that I should have Aries arrested for gambling and separate him that way.  But I feel so bad for Aries.  Yet if I feel bad for Aries, so will the reader (maybe) and he (or she) will be pissed off for having me do that.  They're supposed to live happily ever after, aren't they?  And I already did the kidnapping schtick.

5:29...got distracted.

The End

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