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So, I finally gave up on the story.  The muse was just not feeling anything for these guys.

I tried to change point of view to Scorpio, and that went along for about 5,000 words, but then when Bull came back into the picture, it just up and died.  What is so wrong with Taurus?  I like Taureans - they're strong, steadfast, loyal - but they're stubborn and gullible and I don't know many of them.  

Is there a problem that I can't feel for Taurus?

So I went back to Aries' story, which is something I'm familiar with (WW2) in an attempt to make it a novel-length story.  Should I rewrite it, or just write it immediately?  It's all discovery, with all the "stuff" I've collected over the years about WW2.  However, this is the first time I've written it from the American POV.

I was thinking of changing POV in the middle to the German side, but I don't want to have these books have a habit of having other brothers show up in each book.  (I have it happening in Cancer).  What if there was another man who was immortal, or strong, or had powers, or was a son of Thor or something, who worked on the German side, and Aries is fighting against him?  


I have a series of stories about Christmas that I have to do for the characters in CO, about the guys getting presents for their beaus.  It's tough, because my characters don't know what to get anyone - which is not much more different than real life!


The End

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