Today's ten minutesMature


This afternoon, for a strange reason, I don't want to let go by.  I want to stay awake for it, not to nap it, to gather what I can today and hold it close - or let it out.

I want to write a storm.  I want to write 5000 words today.  I want to blow through the minimum of NaNoWriMo.

But I don't want to write NaNo's story.

I want to write backgrounds.  Back stories.  Next story ideas.  I know how this one ends.  Now I need to know how the others begin.

I want to write settings, and descriptive moments; I want to write contemplative moments and long-winded text walls.

I can't because that just ain't my style.  I write staccato, quick shots, short paragraphs with lots of commas.  Three word sentences.  Fragments and bits and pieces meant for playing.


I can describe, that's not what I do.  I'm a dialogue writer.  I see the walls around my characters as open space, a stage open to the back where you can see the curtains at the edges, the ropes onto the stage holding the scenery up and away.  I could pull down the scenery, because I see it in my head, but to describe it all would take pages and pages.  I believe in Chekhov's Gun, and description is not there for me to prove that I can do it, but for me to utilize and use.

Setting is a character, a prop, a something necessary for the characters to use or play with or interact with.  They see, hear, smell, are part of the setting, and the setting is a part of them.


The important thing about the story to me is that it may be start of a new series, and I may actually like working with a female protagonist.  This woman wants to be a badass, but for some reason she's a mother-figure or the vixen-virgin to the men around her who underestimate her.  This is what I'm trying to present.  This is what I'm trying to prove.  A deep character, more than just badass or bitch or someone else's sidekick.



The End

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