Ten minutesMature

10-15 minutes of free writing


It is now the middle of the afternoon, and I have given myself 10 minutes to write.  Ten minutes to write about anything at all. Whatever comes to mind.

Be it the view out of this window outside, where some of the trees are changing colors and it's 80 degrees outside - at the end of October in Texas.  Makes me almost, almost think about coming to live here.  But things are too slow here, and I don't know if things would be any better here than they are up North.

The traffic is starting to pick up as well, I can see on its way to Dallas.  It's 4:04 Eastern time, and the standard time will be going into effect on Sunday this weekend.  Also, I get paid.  Also, I have to pay my friend $500 over the next few weeks to pay for my cat's surgery.

Poor Trixie.  In order to get her to eat, we had to do surgery.  We have to wait on the biopsy to come back, but it might be cancer.  My poor cat would have colon cancer, that's just so hard.  I know I would have to put her down, now, in the prime of her life, instead of seeing her get sicker and sicker and wasting away.

I miss my cat.  My friend is taking good care of her, though.  She said she's eating now, and hopefully putting out as well.  I'll have to check and see.


Already six minutes and I can't seem to type as fast as I used to.  I used to be able to type as fast as someone can think, but now, I'm probably not able to type that fast anymore.  I'm being distracted by the window, by watching the traffic, like eye candy or a visualization.

I have been threatened with going to dinner with the boss.  I'm not looking forward to that at all.  I need to get more water with my ice, and also hit the bathroom - and my feet hurt from standing up for 8 hours. 

I watch the traffic go by, and I kind of want to be out there, outside, alone in my hotel, sitting with the TV on for background noise and maybe reading.  I had wanted to go to the used bookstore today but that doesn't look like it's happening.  The unfortunate thing is that I really don't need any books.


time's up.

The End

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