Freaky Me

An easier way for me to ramble about me-me-me without using up valuable profile space. This is all about what I like, and what makes me up, i.e oddball stuff that I really hope you find endearing :)

To introduce myself, I thought that I should do what is done on Protagonize a lot when introducing something and to learn about them: character bio!

NAMEShannon Deanna

Fact: "Deanna" arose as a middle name from my father's obsession with Star Trek at the time of my birth. Yes, that's right, I am named after a sexy betazoid.

OTHER NAMEAoife. J Sherwood

Fact: I chose this pseudonym for the purposes of 'The Element Adventures'. To easiest describe the plan I have hatched, I (Shannon) am writing about a writer (Aoife) who is writing the series as a biography, who will write up to the point that she (Aoife) is introduced into the series, at which point I (Shannon) will take over, but it's actually me all along. If you can't tell already, I like complicating things.


AGE/BIRTHDAY: 17, 28th July. I was born amongst the summer heat, and as we have decided (MattForgenti and I) this is a part reason for my writer madness (his too).

APPEARANCE: First of all, I am 6 ft tall, and really hope that I don't grow any more because as much as it's fun, it's also embarrassing. Last time I checked, my eyes were brown, though they seem to get lighter at night-time (a friend's observation). Right now, my hair is short, somewhere between Emma Watson and Frankie Sandford, and dark brown. I'm not the slimmest of people, but am rectifying that. I won't lie and say I'm always comfortable in my own skin, but it's getting better :) I am renowned for having long, colourful nails and equally colourful clothing (you can't avoid seeing me anyway, so why not have fun being ostentatious?)

PERSONALITY: I like to think I'm a good-humoured and happy person, though I'm not without my moments. Being a writer, I relish solitary moments when they're needed, and am more than known to go into trances where I go off with the faeries. Being a writer also means I like to be the leader, so I can be a bossy twit when I need to be. I try and smile as much as I possibly can, and be there for anybody when I'm needed. Whether it's a good or bad thing, I am a trustworthy person and don't intend to live my life any other way than that. I don't always care if people laugh at me or with me, because I laugh at myself all the time anyway, and at least it means we're all having a good time! I'm also a romantic, and even though I am tall and threaten to sit on people as revenge, I really hope I'm approachable and not scary (except to Year 7's, for them I deserve to be feared!)

OTHER: Where do I begin....? Oh yes, I know. In the next chapter :)

The End

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