It never occurred to me that it would happen that night.

I was sitting at the bar, drinking a shot of vodka when she just walked in.  Just like that!  She plopped down next to me in her casual dress and flats.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw her hair-lighter then that day on high school campus.

She called to the bar tender.  "Just a glass of red wine."

Her voice sent chills through my body.

She would've never recognized me now.  All was new.  I had dyed my hair a darker brown.  I wore contacts now that made my eyes stand out. I had lost weight-not only that, but I had a six pack.  I was tan, too.  My teeth were straighter.  I took better care of my face and teeth.  I got a new haircut.  I had grown maybe a little taller and I defiantly dressed better.  I was different.

I took a sneak at her face.  

It was everything before, but more angelic.  Her eyes the electric blue,  her hair-curls of light brown, her face flawless and sun-kissed.  On her lips she wore a color that made her face spark to life.  Indeed, she had not gained any wight, but maybe had gotten skinnier.  A more muscular appeal?

She was wearing a silky blue dress that didn't show much above the knees, but showed a little of her breasts.  It was short sleeve.

"Like what you see?"  She question, noticing me examining her out of the corner of her eye.

I took a drink and looked forward before answering, "yeah.  I guess you could say that."

"Good, because apparently my ex-fiance didn't.  He broke up our engagement today."

There was a pause where I took another little drink.  "Well, I'm sorry.  He must have been a ass."

I watched as a smile hinted on her face and in her eyes, then it broke into a snort.  Score.  But then tears came to her eyes and finally one fell down her face.  She quickly reached up and wiped her cheeks. 

"Sorry," she murmured. "Yes, he was a...well, in your words "a ass" and now I can just go on with my life and maybe meet someone better."

She smiled a little and sat up straighter.

I smiled. "Sounds like a good plan.  What was he like?"

She took a drink of her wine and sighed before saying, "handsome, smart, rich, but spoiled and ignorant and selfish.  We just got into a huge fight and he had enough of me and told me it was over.  I'm glad I'm not going to be marrying him anymore.

"Why didn't you see this before?"

"I thought I was in love and overlooked those qualities, " she answered, waving her at "those qualities".  She paused.  "I was foolish."

She took another drink of the glass of red wine.  "Enough of me,"  she sniffed up her sorrow, "what about you?"

"What do you want to know about me?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?"  She questioned in a teasingly tone.

I laughed. "No, never."


"I chuckled again.  "Never,  I loved a girl, but she never loved me back."

"That's sweet."  She said, "I wished Joshua was like that..."

She paused and looked down at the half empty glass and then back at me.

"I'm Alex, by the way."


We awkwardly shook hands.  

"What do you do for a living, Stephan?"

"I'm an artist and a photographer, but I'm also a fitness trainer."

"Hmm."  Alex paused. "You remind me a lot of a friend I used to have."


"Yeah...he was a weird kid-always telling me he loved me and...well it doesn't matter now."

She faintly smiled up at me.

But midnight of that night, the we were laughing and joking around.  

"Hey, you wanna come to my place?"  Alex questioned.

I looked at her and nodded.  We made their way out.

"Hey Todd!"  I called to the manager as I held the door open for Alex, "just ship the bill to my place, okay?"

We walked to Alex's apartment, exchanging few kisses in shadows and dark allies as we went.  It was all I could ever dream of...kissing Alex.  My stomach exploated with fireworks whenever I felt the need to kiss her and I felt a tingling feeling all throughout my body.  

When we arrived, Alex opened the door and switched on the lights.  "Well, this is home for me!" 

I looked around.  "This is your apartment?"


"It's more like a condo", I murmured.

"Here, let me take your coat."  Alex took it from me and hung it on the hooks next to the door.

I turned toward her and soon our lips were touching.  I got the tingley's again.

She had soon lead me to her bedroom and I felt the buzz of energy.  I started helping her take her clothes off and I took my shirt off in a hurry as well as my shoes and socks.  Soon I was in my boxers kissing her all over her shoulders and neck while she remained in her bra and underwear.

I suddenly leapted from the bed with my back facing her, heavily breathing.  No.  I wouldn't let her become my object.  I want to do this right.

 "No."  I said in a firm, solid tone. "You deserve better."

"Deserve better?"

"I refuse to treat you as an object."  I said taking back all my clothes and pulling them on.

The End

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