The atmosphere of the dim lighted tavern remained with the after eleven buzz of the night.  The air was musty and the tavern keeper had disappeared behind a curtain in the room to his office.  Only one remained behind in the gayness of the night.  She was fast asleep on one of the tables, a beer bottle in her hand.

                         Her job did not involve the majority of the women visiting the tavern, the job of prostitutes, yet she was there to relieve the ongoing stress of her dear royal high-expected life.  

    She awoke slowly, yet somber from the many bottles of beer she had been pressured to consume during the early morning hours.  Her head lifted slowly, her eyes squinting at the brown bottle of beer contained in her hand through her wild blonde curly matted mob.  The matted look she wore had very well concealed her true identity.  She looked up from the bottle. Her mind started hallucinating.

"Scarlett, I laugh to see you sunk this low," said the dark man.

He lifted his sword and gazed at his reflection in the shinny blade while adding, "you let them control your life like this.  You are no lady of the royal court.  You are adopted! Great Asgard!"

The women flinched-her crazy eyes adverted to the table which she sat.  

This man was no stranger, but a image of her real brother.  Yes, Scarlett couldn't forget her brother.  His always mocking and witty disposition.  His fearless comments of her sins in public...

"If I had it my way, mother and father would completely forget about you!" He spat. "But they still moan your name in their sleep-wanting you back!"


She was up in a flash with the beer bottle posing as a dagger.  She bravely pointed it at him, but he stood ready for any attacks with his hand on the kilt of the sword.

He laughed.

"Mother and father love me more than you, so why do I have to worry?  They will forget you're even alive-ignorant, savage pig!"

Her eyes turned a piercing brown, determined and ready as ever to fight.

She fiercely took her sword from it's kilt and lunged to hear the clanging of swords in a raging battle.

It lasted a fair amount of time in which Scarlett and her brother dueled on top of tables, knocked over chairs-even a beer barrel was punctured spraying the contents over the furnishings.  

Finally his sword clanged to the ground far from his fall and Scarlett had him pinned to his spot with the sword to his throat. He swallowed-

"-Rebecca! Scarlett!" 

It was over and Scarlett looked up to find the tavern keeper bewildered and frightened beyond belief at the sight of her holding her sword in one hand and her beer bottle in the other-will I add the room's state and the fact that she was standing on the bar with her muddy boots.

She tucked the sword away, hopped off the table, and set the bottle on the bar.

"Yes brother?" She said.  

Her adopted brother...

He sighed.  "Would you not distroy the town's favorite tavern with your drunken state?" He paused as Scarlett looked down to the floor with embarrassment. "Thank you. Time to go home."

She went outside and into the ready carriage. Her brother joined her after apologizing to the tavern keeper and promising money for his sister's damages.  He shut the door behind him and the carriage carried them on to the castle.


"Rebecca, I know you're adopted, but could you at least be responsible?!"

"I am responsible and my name is Scarlett-"

"LISTEN TO ME!"  He stopped fuming, seeing Scarlett's jaw clamped shut. "You are adopted and father has died, but that gives you no excuse to be irresponsible and become a drunkard as you did tonight.  By doing this you disgrace your royal family and me and embarrass yourself.  Has your lessons taught you anything sister?  We care about you!"  He paused in his lecture, saying his next words with out tension in his voice, "even if we are your adopted family."

She looked away from his face.

"And your royal-given name is Rebecca.  You WILL go by this name."

Scarlett bit her tongue, refusing to lash back. 

Not from where I'm really from...

The End

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