Sean: ScummyMature

I'm thankful for the ensuing search for the ibuprofen.  The missing pain relievers aren't helping Laura any, but I relax a little as the commotion cuts the tension.  They finally turn up, having fallen behind my nightstand.

I toss them at Laura.  I'm feeling a bit...scummy, and I know it's not just from waking up in the same clothes from last night.  I feel terrible about toying with Lavender like that.  We joked, we teased, but there had been a line in the sand that we never spoke of-- and I'd leapt over it like a long jumper.  I want to blame anything else; the hangover, or maybe I was still a little tipsy when I'd woken up...I want to believe anything so that I didn't have to think about the truth-- that I was just as thoughtless, just as selfish as...well.  As Justin.  The conversation had cut to the quick, because I hadn't just seen the pain in her eyes, but I'd felt it in my heart as an old wound opened up.

I'll talk to Lavender later and make things right.  Our friendship is stronger than harsh words and tangled emotions.  I hope.

More than anything right now I need a moment alone.  "I'm going to go shower.  Why don't you guys call Vikram and see if he wants to come laugh at our hangovers over brunch?"

Laura groans.  "I don't even want to think about food--"

"Well, coffee then.  Or, tea?"  I grab clean clothes and a towel.

Lavender rummages around in her things.  "Hey, has anybody seen my phone?"



The End

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