Laura: The high-and-low search for the killers of pain.Mature

"Thanks," I said meekly as Lavender placed a glass of water into my shaking hands. I sat up, which allowed a sudden wave of nausea to sweep over me. I forced the glass to my lips and took a sip before settling it down on the floor and rubbing my eyes. Sean wandered through the room and sat on the armchair, turning the TV on and flicking through channels before deciding on a programme. The unnatural light of the TV made my eyes sting and my face automatically screwed up. "Ugh," I grunted, before pulling the sheet over my head.

Eventually, when the hellish hangover had died down a little, I managed to stand up, walk around the sofa and sit next to Lavender. "Hey," she said, slightly bluntly but still smiling, I managed to force a nod in her direction before turning to Sean who  was displaying a slightly hurt expression.

"Err," I said, feeling awkward, "did I miss something?" I looked between them, searching for an answer, but neither responds. "Fine." I huffed, only half joking. I hated it when they argued. I hated it when anyone argued, but when it was two people I both loved, I couldn't stand it. Sean sighed and shifts in his armchair while Lavender rubbed her forehead. I stood up, happy to leave the room, and went on a search for some painkillers. After rifling through all of the kitchen drawers I go back into the room; "Sean, where the hell are you hiding those painkillers? My head feels like it's being beaten from the inside and the outside," I chuckled.

The End

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