Vikram Mehra : Dealing With Life And LoveMature

I always had fun with all three of them. We were all so different and unique, yet there was a bond between us. Maybe that is what's called friendship. I had spent so much time around Laura, Lavender and Sean that it felt almost like being part of a family. Whenever I felt alone in this sparkling city, I thought of the three of them and was immediately comforted.

Tonight had been no different. We had hung out together for some time before Laura suggested that we head out to a nearby nightclub. I hesitated for a fraction of a second, wanting to say yes for the first time. But seeing Lavender ogling Sean, I felt a pinch in my heart and heard a negative reply coming out of my mouth. Lavender. If only she knew how I felt about her, and about her painful obsession with Sean. An obsession that I knew was fruitless. And even Lav knew that.

As I bid them goodbye, I turned back a second time to sneak a peek at Lav and her swishing long brown hair. Her hands were wrapped around Sean's and I felt my heart ache for the second time tonight. Crushed and more than a little saddened, I started walking back towards my apartment. A lonely space, occupied only by me and my weeping heart.

The End

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