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I don't think I'll ever get over how she swoons over my "American accent." It's ridiculous; I always end up returning the compliment-- "no, your accent is way cooler--" and Lavender blushes and laughs and it's very sweet in that awkward sort of way.

We're leaving dinner, and my head is already swimming.  I forget that my friends here have been legally able to drink a lot longer than I have.  It's not that they're total lushes (though I give them a hard time about it occasionally), just that I have a little trouble keeping up.

I don't remember who suggested going to the club, but it seemed like a fabulous idea at the time.  It had been a long day, and I wanted to shut off my brain and relax.  Dinner had been fun, but Laura's question about my "friend" had thrown me. 

Justin.  Even thinking about him makes me feel like an idiot.  Then I realize how much I miss him, and I feel like more of an idiot.

Totally lost in thought, I look up and I'm getting my hand stamped at the club.  Laura ducks off to the bar, leaving Lavender and I alone.  I heard her shout my name over the throbbing bass, and I lean down to listen.

"Are you okay?"

It's not exactly the best place for a deeper exploration for my feelings. Lavender is a great listener, and she's been a shoulder to cry on more than a few times.  Still, I can't help feeling a little guilty about confiding in her.  I know how she feels about me. It can't be easy for her to listen to me going on about him.

Before I can even find the right words, Laura comes back and shoves a drink into my hand.  Lavender raises an eyebrow at me as if to repeat her question.

I raise my glass and grin.  "I am now."

The girls go grab a seat.  I almost join them, but no.  I know the cure for feeling down about a crush.  Dancing.  Lots of dancing.  Preferably with attractive boys.

I'm in luck and my bad mood is almost totally lifted by the time Laura shows up on the dance floor, bearing more drinks.

Time flies.  Suddenly it's closing and we spill out into the street with the rest of the crowd.  Lavender says something and we all laugh, and then we're in a cab.  There's a bit of confusion about making three stops and how to split the fare.  I suggest that we all just go back to my place. 

I smile, thinking of the assumptions the driver is probably making, and how wrong they are.


The End

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