Laura: Waking upMature

After the meal, we decided to move the party onto the nearby nightclub. Why were we celebrating? I have no idea. Just because we were together I guess. We paid the bill, which was pretty big due to the six bottles of wine we had managed to consume during the meal, and stumbled out of the door. I think Vikram was sober, due to the fact he was the only one who could stand up without swaying slightly. He escorted us to the nightclub before making his excuses and rushing back home.

Vikram wasn't exactly the kind of guy you would see in a nightclub, and as he walked off I yelled back to him something about seeing him tomorrow. I staggered into the club and ordered drinks for Sean, Lavender and I. Sean had made a beeline for the dancefloor and Lavender a beeline for the sofas at the back of the club, from which she watched Sean drunk-dancing. I giggled before going over to join Lavender, settling the drinks on the short table in front of the sofas.

"Seen something you like the look of?" I giggle, innocently. "Ow!" I yell as she elbows me in the ribs, "that was mean!" I pout at her, before giggling again.

Lavender spends the rest of the night watching Sean mournfully and giving death-glares to the guy he's dancing with. At some point I decided to go join him on the dancefloor and yelled over the music "Hey Sean, looks like you're in there," giving him a similar elbow in the ribs to the one Lavender had given me earlier but accompanied by a wink.

Some time later we must have stumbled into a taxi because the next thing I know, I'm waking up on the floor in Seans room.

The End

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