Sean: Life & LiteratureMature

I shoved my notebooks in my messenger bag, grabbed my thermos of coffee, all while stuffing half a bagel in my face.  I was running late, but that was nothing new.  Locking the door to my apartment behind me, I bounded down the stairs, my bag and glasses bouncing with every step.

Outside, I winced at the cold, damp air.  I'd been hoping it would clear up-- I thought maybe a sunny day would lift the last of my dreary mood.  It seemed I wouldn't be able to rely on the weather to cheer me.  It was just as well.  I took a deep breath and a sip of my coffee and started walking. 

Think happy thoughts, Sean, I told myself.  Good coffee.  And going to class wasn't so bad-- it wasn't bad at all, I was lucky to have the chance to come here and study what I loved.  Life was good.

I met Lavender like always, outside of her place.  She was part of my morning routine.  We lived on the same street, and we'd walked to class together ever since I'd practically tripped over her in the hall.  We said our hellos and walked in comfortable silence.

The weirdness of the weekend had passed, it seemed.  More reasons to be in a good mood.  I felt my apprehension fading.  Soon I was caught up in my own thoughts; I barely noticed we'd arrived at class until Lavender spoke.

"This is where we first met."

"So it is," I smiled.  It seemed like a funny thing to mention.  For a moment I wanted to ask what she was thinking about, but it was obvious she was in her own world.  A crazy thought came to me; I wanted to see the world through her eyes.  Lately when she spoke I felt like I was missing something.  I couldn't be sure if I really was.  I had a feeling she was gaurding her words to protect our friendship, she was walking on eggshells after this weekend-- but a part of me was afraid I was reading something into her words that wasn't there.

I took my seat in the classroom with a sigh, wishing life were more like literature.  Wishing a bit of thoughtful narration could give me an insight into Lavender's mind...or, that I could peek a few pages ahead and find out what was going to happen to our friendship.

The End

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