Laura: Smell of coffee in the morningMature

"Scrambled eggs on toast and a cappucino, thank you," said the man, as I scribbled his order down onto the piece of paper. I walked over to the kitchen.

"Scrambled eggs on toast please, Vik!" I yelled across the service hatch. Vikram nodded at me, putting his book down and washing his hands. I busied myself with making the cappucino and taking it over to him. The stench of the coffee made me wrinkle my nose and the man chuckled at me.

"Not a fan of coffee, eh?" he said, smiling.

"Not really sir. Too bitter for me," I said, smiling back, "Enjoy it though," I chuckled, walking away. As I approached the kitchen, a plate full of scrambled eggs on toast appeared, alongside Vikram's smiling face. I grabbed the plate and took it over to the man, before returning to the kitchen.

"So Vik, what happened last night? Why didn't you come to Sean's? It wasn't the same without you!" I said to Vikram, who looked shocked at the suddenness of my statement/questioning.

"Uhh, I was busy, I told you!" he said slowly.

At that moment, the bell rang, indicating that someone had just come into the restaurant. I walked back out into the restaurant, just slowly enough to hear Vikram mumble "Saved by the bell."

The End

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