Lavender: MemoriesMature

The following morning, I dragged myself out of bed at an unearthly hour to get ready for university. I barely noticed what I ate for breakfast, just appreciated the fact that it was food.

When I left my flat, I saw Sean walking up the street towards my apartment building. I hurried down to meet him outside.

"Hi," I said cheerfully.

"Hey," he said.

I liked his university look. He somehow managed to look stylish with the combination of the glasses and the satchel, but of course I always thought he looked good so I could be just making up excuses to see gorgeousness before me.

We walked along to the specific part of the university where we had our English Literature seminars at a gentle pace, there being no need to hurry, and remained strangely silent. I rarely had much to say and when I did, didn't say it because it was usually a comment on my feelings for Sean which made him feel uncomfortable, but he didn't have much to say today, either.

We arrived at the building and entered, signing in by using the register on the clipboard in the foyer, and then headed towards the corridor which would take us to the lecture hall.

I paused. "This is where we first me," I murmured reminescently.

"So it is," Sean replied.

I lapsed into a daydream of the memory as we continued.

I hurried along, not wanting to be late for the first seminar of term. Quite suddenly, the strap on my overfull bag broke, and the main part tilted, spilling all my books onto the floor.

"Oh damn," I said aloud.

I crouched down and started to put the books back into the bag. I took it off my shoulder, knowing I would have to carry it in my arms hereafter, and tried to move as quickly as possible.

Suddenly, someone else was crouching before me, helping me.

"Thanks," I said, not looking up to see the face of my helper - an action which surely would've slowed me down.

"No problem." I was briefly surprised by the American accent, but remembered that lots of students came to university from overseas.

When the American male and I had finished cramming everything into the bag, I finally looked up.

I was startled to find myself staring into gorgeous blue eyes.

"H-hello," I stammered, overwhelmed by the handsomeness of the guy's face.

"Hey," he said warmly.

"I'm Lavender," I told him, as I felt time slow down to emphasise the amazingness of the situation.

"Sean," he told me.

"Are you studying English Lit?" I asked.

"Sure am."


And then I continued to stare for a few seconds more, before remembering where I was supposed to be.

I hurriedly stood up, holding my bag in my arms.

"Thanks again for the help," I said, as we walked down to the auditorium.

"You're welcome."

"Are you living nearby?"

"Yup - my flat's about a fifteen minute walk away."

"Mine's quite close too. Perhaps we could meet up some time."


I smiled as we entered the auditorium. Fortunately, the lecturer didn't seem to mind that we were late, and we took seats next to each other near the front of the seats.

All through the lecture, I shot glances at Sean. He really was a looker. I wondered if he'd be interested in me.


When I got home, I laughed at the cliché nature of what had happened today. And then I hoped it would be more cliché and that Sean and I would end up dating.

How hopeful I'd been, I thought wistfully, coming back to the present. I looked again at Sean who I was sitting next to and internally sighed. One day, it might happen. But then again, maybe it would never.

The End

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