Laura: hungryMature

I knew something had happened between Lavender and Sean that morning. They had avoided each other's gaze all the time that we were together, they had barely spoken a word to one another and there was an awkward feeling that had descended on the room while we had watched the TV. When I could stand it no longer, had muttered some excuse about work and recovering and left.

As I walked home from Sean's house I had gone over many situations and possibilities of what could have happened. I imagined ludicrous scenarios in which Sean had kissed Lav, and vice versa, and others where it was simply an argument over the TV. All of the ideas I had seemed improbable and as I rounded the corner onto my street I discarded most of them.

I walked up to my apartment block, rifling through my bag as I approached the front door. I pulled out my key and walked in. I entered my bedroom, threw all of my things onto the floor and leapt into my bed. I made a mental note to call Vikram as soon as I got up, and fell asleep.


A few hours later the phone awakened me from my slumber, and a frantic Lavender shouted down the phone at me, saying how she had not heard from Vikram and that he wasn't home or answering his mobile. I calmed her down, assuring her that I would call him and if he didn't answer, I would see him tomorrow at work. Eventually we disconnected and I dialled in Vikram's number, noticing that it was only two o'clock.

The phone rang twice before Vikram's familiar voice travelled down the line.

"Hello..." he spoke uncertainly, as though he wasn't quite sure who was calling.

"Hey Vik, it's Laura." I said, "I was just wondering if you were okay. Lavender says that you aren't home and you haven't been answering your phone and you haven't called back after I left that message and, y'know, I was just wondering if you were okay." I breathed deeply. Ever since I had met Lavender, Sean and Vikram I seemed to have developed a habit of talking too much and too fast.

"Um, yeah, I'm, uhh, fine. I'm just busy, you know? I haven't looked at my phone until just now..." He said slowly.

"Okay, well yeah I was just checking on you, sorry!" I said, giggling, "I'll tell Lavender that you're okay, she was worried about you." I paused, taking a breath as I did. "Oh," I said, "are you working tomorrow by any chance?" I hoped he was, I hated working when Vikram wasn't there.

"Um, yeah, I think so." He mumbled.

"Cool, I'll see you tomorrow then. Oh and if you're free we're all going to Sean's tonight, so I might see you later. Bye!" I said.

"Goodbye," was all that he said, before he hung up. I got out of bed and stumbled sleepily to the kitchen to make myself some lunch. Boy, I sure was hungry!

The End

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