Vikram Mehra : ObsessionsMature

As I strode back to my apartment, I happened to glance at my reflection in a store-front mirror. An angry scowl marred my face, my hair was a mess and there were dark circles under my eyes. The stress of attending law school in the mornings and then going off to work was beginning to show. And in addition to all that, the anguish of Lavender and her unending obsession with Sean was driving me up the wall.

I had waited and waited for weeks and months, hoping that Lav would look at me the same way as she did when she sets her sights on Sean, but my hopes had all but crumbled into powder. Maybe I had been wrong about Sean. Maybe he had been interested in Lav too, and just didn't want us to know. What else could it mean, them spending the night together? All these thoughts crowded my mind and I felt a little queasy. Just the image of him being intimate with Lav sent my temperature rocketing. 

I wasn't obsessed with Lav or anybody for that matter, but it was just that I had a strong liking for the kind of person she was. Independent, smart, pretty and funny, she had all the qualities that any guy would want in his girl. So to see her pining away for a guy who I had thought wasn't interested in her at all, was a pain, not only for her, but also for me. But then again, maybe I didn't know these people at all. What else could it mean when Lav had spent the night with Sean?

Unlocking the door to my apartment, I stepped inside and turned on the air-conditioning system. Hanging up my keys near the side table, I glanced over at the red blinking light on my answering machine. The display showed that I had two unheard messages. I was tempted to punch in the button and listen in, wishing that Lav had sent me one of the two, but I resisted that urge and decided to back away from the table.

I closed the blinds in my bedroom. Comforted by the relative darkness of the shadows I fell into my unmade bed from the night before, still thinking of Lav and hating myself for it.

The End

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