Lavender: Sean's ApologyMature

Laura went home to fully recover from her hangover for work the next day. Which left me and Sean sitting in his living room not saying anything.

Finally, Sean broke the silence. "Lavender, I'm really sorry. I over-stepped the line which was wrong and tactless. I didn't think. Can you forgive me?"

I looked at him. At his gorgeous face... That didn't help: I quickly looked back at the floor.

"I didn't enjoy yelling at you," I told him. "But it did hurt a lot. And maybe I over-reacted a little because I was tender from you touching my arm but the fact is that you can't just tease me as if I'm a normal friend."

"I know," Sean said. "I wish there were some way I could make it up to you."

"You don't have to." I looked back at him. "I still love you and maybe that's why I'm quick to forgive, but I also know that you're a good friend who has no intention of hurting me. You're all right. I'm sorry too."

"Nah - it's me who was careless. You were perfectly right in putting me in my place."

"I didn't have to shout at you, though," I said, shyly attempting a smile.

Sean smiled back. "You were fine, honestly."

"Friends again?" I asked, holding out a hand.

Sean took it and shook it. "Of course. In fact, I was the only one in the wrong, so really I should have said that."

"Beat you to it," I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

Sean grinned. "Yeah, you always have to have the last say, don't you?"

So we were back to where we'd been before. Friends. Of course, I longed for more but that desire had never been realistic. I felt closer to Sean after this fight but in a way, that was a bad thing because it also meant I loved him more. I sighed. Happiness always came at a cost around Sean. At least I felt a lot better than I had earlier. It was nice to get some contentment out of this occasionally unsatifying relationship. Like getting a ride on a pony instead of on a horse.

The End

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