Sam: Adventure

Huh. So now I share dreams as well. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. That made my day.

See, this is why we need people like Vee. To see the good side if things rather than just sulk, like me.

So now we're just wondering around. My feet hurt.

"Halt!" I suddenly say. "If the bracelets put is in this dream together, wouldn't they be able to take us out?"

"Maybe" El considers.

"But then we wont be able to have an adventure!" Vee objects. I sigh.

"OK. Here's an adventure. Let's go climb that tree and see what we can see from the top" I suggest, pointing to a really, really tall tree. Vee beams.

"OK! Lets go!" she goes to tap her bracelet.

"No!" Ria stops her "No bracelet using. It wont be much f an adventure if we just magic ourselves there.

"Good point. OK, let's have a race. One two three go!" Ria and El shoot off, while I just run, and Vee lags behind. Hmm... maybe this could be fun.

The End

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