Ria: Dream World

The rest of the afternoon went well and we soon found our selves settling down to sleep.

I have a bunk bed so I was up top and El was below on the fold out sofa.

"Night, El" I yawn.

"Night, Ria" she says back. It doesn't take me long to fall to sleep. I mean we did stay up till 2 in the morning.

Then I enter my dream.

"What the?" I look around. I'm in a sort of citidal. Yeah, thats what I would call it.

"Ahh" Vee comes tumbling out of the wall. The portal she came through closing after her. I run over and help her up.

"Ria?" she says shocked. She looks around amazed. "Where are we?"

"I don't know but.... I think its something to do with the bracelets" Just as the words are out of my mouth. El and Sam come tumbling out of walls opposite each other and collide.

Me and Vee look at each other then split running over to help out friends. I go to El and Vee to Sam. We help them up.

"What we share each others dreams now?" Sam says a bit angry. "I do have private thoughts you know who did this?"

We look around at each other no one steps forward.

"I didn't do it, did you two?" I say. They both shake there heads.

"I think the bracelets did it" El says. "Oh my gosh, look at our outfits"

And I do, we all do. Its then I notice we are all wearing pure white summer dresses. "This is taking the mick" I say.

"Agreed" everyone choruses. Then a happy bright look comes across Vee face that we all know the meeting off.

Before Sam has time to say something Vee shouts. "Adventure time. Lets check this place out"

Its a bit annoying cause we don't know where we are but we all agree as long as we stick together.


The End

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