Sam: Truthful Lies

"Remember not to call me" I say to the others through my bracelet after making sure they're all back where they were before they called me. Then, I tap my bracelet. Nothing changes. I wait for a few seconds, nervous. Then the microwave goes ding!

"Ahh!" it makes me jump out of my skin. I open the microwave, expecting fountains of smoke. And all I see is a bowl of baked beans. I take them out and pour then over some toast. I take them upstairs to Todd's room.

"Thanks. Hey, did you hear something earlier? Like a kind of crashing sound?" he asked.

"Uhh. No. " I say quickly. Damn memories of time. 

"Are you OK? You look a bit scared"

"I'm fine. I'm fine. I nearly exploded your dinner by leaving the beans in the tin" might as well stick as close to the truth as possible.

"Just like you Sam. Honestly" then my mobile rings. I answer it, grateful for a break from Todd's questions.


"Sam! It worked!"

"Vee! I told you not to call me!" I hiss. 

"Yeah, I know."

"Then why did you? Ugh. Never mind. Listen, have your parents noticed anything?"

"No, why?"

"Todd heard the microwave explode"

"Oh. Oh dear. I'll ask."

"OK. Hey, can I come over?"

"Yeah, sure!"

"OK. I'll be there in about twenty minutes" I say. Then I put the phone down, tell Mum where I'm going and set off for Vee's house.

The End

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