Ria: This is fun

"Well, I think we should all go back to the places we were when time stopped" I say.

"Yeah, otherwise people will wonder where we've gone and how we got here" El says.

"I teleported" Vee says happily.

"Same" I say smiling.

"What happened in the World War Two accident?" Vee asks.

"Uh, you really don't want to know" El says shaking her head and then we start laughing.

"Lets just say we got to be apart of it..... I think we should have stayed longer" I say.

"And got killed! No thank you" El says shaking her head.

"So you three go back to where you were then what?" Sam asks.

"You say Play. Since you froze it. I think we could probably start it again but just to be sure you do it"  I say nodding.

"Okay" Sam says.

"We'll meet at the park at 11 o'clock tommorow. Okay, guys?" I say.

"Sure" Vee and Sam say.

"See you" Then I tap my bracelet. El seconds behind me.... well not real seconds.

The End

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