Elissa: Rewind

'Are you sure rewinding time is a good idea?  I mean you've seen the movies.  There could be two of us and if we se each other the whole universe will explode.'

'Stop being so dramatic El, we only need to go back a few seconds.'  Ria was once again taking the lead.

'Only until before I press start on the microwave.'  Sam was looking worriedly at the cloud of smoke that had frozen in her kitchen.

'It'll be fine El just like when we went back in time.'  Ria held my hand.

'Yes but we weren't alive then, we didn't run the risk of meeting ourselves.'  I hesitantly gave my hand to Sam as we formed a small circle.

'Right then on three think of what was happening before Sam put the tin into the microwave.  Ready? One, two three.'  We all thought hard and tapped our bracelets.  I hadn't noticed my eyes were closed so after a few seconds of not seeing what had happened I opened the corner of one eye.

Everything was still frozen but there weren't two Sam's and the cloud of smoke had disappeared.

'See I told you.'  Ria gave me a playful nudge and wandered off around the room, seeing if anything else had changed.

'OK then so how do we start time again?'

The End

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