Vee : Microwave accident....

"Hellooooo? Sam? If you're still alive..." I shout into my bracelet, probably worrying my parents and siblings that I seem to be talking to myself. Scratch that, I'm shouting to myself.

"Hey guys.... I think time just stopped...." Sam's voice cackles through my red bracelet, which glows brilliantly.

"Really? I've got to check this out!" El replies

"Oh my gosh! Now I'll never be late for school!" I reply brightly. Running downstairs, I find my parents frozen in the air, half making dinner and watching a still TV. The water from the tap are solid.

"This is sooooo cool! Everyone meet at Sam's!"

"Okay!" "See you there!"

Concentrate, I say to myself. Sam's house, Sam's house, I tap my bracelet. It shines red for a fraction of a second, then suddenly I'm right next to Sam. I think. Smoke is everywhere and it has filled the whole kitchen up.

"Now, now Sam...... what did you do?" Ria questions the guilty looking Sam.

"Microwave accident?" She answers, staring at the dead microwave.

"Well, now we just have to rewind time....."

The End

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