Sam: Never Put Metal in a Microwave

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrring brrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. My mobile rings as I'm making baked beans in the microwave for Todd.


"Hey, it's El. You'll never guess what just happened..."

Brrrring-brrrring brrrring-brrrring

"Hold on a sec El. Hello?"

"Hi Sam. It's Vee. You'll never gues what just happened to El and Ria"

"I doubt I will but I'm just about to be to-"


"Hold on a sec. Hello?"

"Sam! It's Ria! You'll neve-"

"Ria! Why did you ring me when El is ringing me from your house!!??" 

Grr! This is so annoying! I have the house phone balanced on my shoulder so that I can talk to Vee, my mobile earphones in so that I can talk to El and Mum's mobile in my hand so that I can talk to Ria! And to top it all off, I forgot to take the baked beans out of the tin and the lid's still on! The microwave has started making crackling sounds.

"She was taking too long!"

"Do you know what happened?" Vee asks excitedly.

"No! I haven't been told yet!" 

"Sam? Are you there? We were in world war two!" El exclaims. The microwave is now smoking. I try desperately to open it but it's too hot!

"You were where?" 

"Who was where?" Ria asks.

"What are you talking about?" Vee wonders.

Then my bracelet glows brightly at me. It makes me panic because I think it's the microwave. I almost drop Mum's mobile. 

"Sam? Are you there?"

Smoke has filled the room.

"Sam! Can you hear me?"

The microwave makes a high pitched hissing sound and starts vibrating violently.

"Sam? Are you listening?"

The baked beans explode.

"Wait! No! Pause!" I scream at them all. Then the strangest things happens. The bracelet glows way too bright. And then everything stops. The explosion suddenly stops in the motion of landing all over the kitchen, not sparing me. My breathing is really fast.

"Sam?" all three of them ask, scared.


The End

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