Ria: Time Travel

"Ahh, Duck!" I shout. We crouch quickly as bullets go flying over head.

"What the hell did you do?" El shouts at me.

"I was thinking of researching world war two" I mumble. I grab El's hand dragging her over to a ditch.

"What the hell are we gonna do now" El shouts.

"First I think we should disguise ourselves" I say tapping the bracelet and thinking of one of the soldiers I saw in the drawing of world war two.

I open my eyes and they feel different.

El gawks shocked. "That is strange" she whispers. I look down at my hands to see they are twice the size they're meant to be.

"Your turn... and quick I hear voices" I say in a hurried tone.

El nods and does the same her hair and eye colour remaining the same but her whole body shifting to that of a boy.

"Yeah, this is weird" I say shaking my head.

"What are you doing, Soldiers?" A voice shouts.

"Ahh" We jump shocked. Then turn to face a stern man.

"We are at war here" the man says angrily.

I look at El then can't help but burst in to fits full of laughter.

"We should leave" El says. I nod and we turn on our heels and run.

Then I get an idea.

"21st Century!" I shout then a veil appears which we run through falling into my bedroom back as our normal selves.

We look at each other. "Lets agree never to do that again" El says and I nod agreeing.

The End

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